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Portfolio management service provides clients with advice on buying or sell Crypto/currencies or other type of securities. Depending on the type of PMS the manager can buy or sell securities on behalf of the clients. An investor individually owns the securities in a PMS portfolio, unlike a mutual fund where investors only own units of the fund and not the actual securities.

Zaryah Investment Company, offers discretionary portfolio management services. Zaryah Investment Company has a team of experts who carefully take investment decisions based on the clients objectives. The Portfolio Management team has a successful track record in the capital market.


To generate medium to long-term capital growth by identifying undervalued Crypto currency and those with growth opportunities from a select list of well researched Crypto Currency.


To suite your investment strategy, we offer two unique type of portfolio under our Portfolio Management Services.

  • Platinum Portfolio: It invests across a wide portfolio of fundamentally strong companies in the large cap, mid cap and small cap Crypto Currency. The team works extensively to identify undervalued Crypto Currency with high growth potential and available at a reasonable price.

  • Gold Portfolio: It is positioned to invest predominantly in Crypto Currency of mid cap and Small cap companies. Our team will normally invest in Crypto Currency of mid and small cap companies that have a steady track record, quality management, strong growth potentials, very less debt ratio, strong basics.  


Minimum Investment

Rs. 25 lakhs for resident Indians and NRI's.

Risk factors

As the stocks are normally held for medium to long term, the net asset value will be affected by market volatility.

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