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Our Mission

To give a highly satisfied Islamic Banking experience while helping companies manage their assets, portfolio and give halal advisory to get ROI. We hope to contribute to the community by raising capital for potential business ideas and providing training and offer courses on financial self-dependency.

To make sure every individual is financially intelligent and be able to contribute towards the economic development of the society.

How is
Sharia compliant investing a better option for all? 

Let’s start with defining what Sharia compliant investing is, investments which are in accordance with the Islamic Principles are called Sharia compliant. There are three main rules which need to be followed when analyzing an investment from the standpoint of Sharia permissibility. The first is the absence of interest (riba) in the investment. However, Sharia does permit the making of a return on capital if the investor is willing to share the risks of the productive enterprise. The second is the presence of ‘unethical concerns’ in the investment mix. And thirdly, Muslim scholars have put together the following benchmarks clarifying what is not acceptable as an investment under Sharia.

  • Organizations deriving their major revenue from interest, i.e. banks (insurance companies are usually included).

  • Organizations that deal with the production and sale of alcoholic beverages and tobacco related products.

  • Manipulation and speculating, i.e. gambling.

  • Manufacturers, retailers and distributors of obscene material as well as firms involved in pornographic activity.

  • Any business indirectly deriving more than 5% of its revenue from the above mentioned companies.

  • Or any other organization whose activities Sharia Board feels are impacting interests of the Muslims.

  • Last but not the least Sharia emphasizes on the nature of the contract between the individual and parties involved. Any deal, transaction or commitment is emphasized by the Quran to be put on writing, there are rules and regulations on ensuring that all terms and conditions of the investment contract are detailed in a manner where no differences can arise during the validity of the contract. Any contract failing to note down its key components (e.g. price, subject matter, delivery date, validity, witnesses and transparency etc.) in a manner which uncertainty may cause a dispute between the parties involved is void in the eyes of Sharia.

We have expanded our purview from common investment techniques to also include our new Sharia/ethical compliant investment strategies to cater to a wider base, giving you the freedom of choice.  

We are the first Islamic Investment Institution to have collaborated and franchised with one of India's leading Securities and Investment bank.

Our investment strategy is founded on core investment principles:

Capitalizing on pioneering brands:

Our credo is in seeking out high performing brands. Reputed and established branding enhances stable and predictable earnings and are more likely to give increased ROI on continued globalization and growth trends in the world economy.


Long-term Investments:

As the great Warren Buffet says, "It's far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price.”

We strive to extract maximum value from our investment by buying them at an optimal price and holding them for a considerable period to reduce the risk factor associated with it. 

Unlocking hidden potential:

We are well-versed in acquiring and extracting maximum value from underperforming and undervalued assets based on the experience and managing expertise of our team of veterans. Our operating and investing experiences have helped us to conclude that ‘turnarounds’ seldom turn, that the same energies and talent are much better employed in good business purchased at a fair price than in a poor business purchased at a bargain price.

Focus on core growth and value-added industry sectors:

Building a reputation achieved through focused growth in sectors where value can be added.

 Network of contacts:

ZIC has developed extensive contacts among government and business leaders throughout the Middle east and globally. These contacts allow us to gain access to positive investment opportunities and create synergies among separate assets.


As a major company with global interests, ZIC is committed to operating to the very highest ethical and moral standards. This common goal is extended to our company’s ever-growing portfolio of investments.

Why ZIC?

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